13 Dec 2012

BB0113 - Courtesy of Black

Courtesy of Black

My another fav! Really!
but can't fit to this anymore! arghh!

This is a really good made blouse!
kain tebal, boleh iron
but sometimes i dont! haha sebab kain ni kemas
beautiful details at cuff n chest
back zipper
cutting yg membuatkan anda kelihatan slim

wear with kain, can go to kenduri
wear with pants, can go shopping and dating (eh?)

Really good condition. Confirm puas hati!
S size

BB0112 - Weekend Rawr~

Leopard dress
very comfyyy material!
this is not like the pasar malam or akak thailand punya standard baju, ok!
bought this at a boutique 
kain sejuk
S or small M size

wear with proud n roar!!

BB0111 - White Sheep

Shirt dress labuh
condition: very used, ada bulu cotton

M size

BB0110 - White Cottage

Beautiful white cotton blouse!

Really in good condition!
Kain cotton, sangat selesa
sulam bunga pink yang cantik
Fesyen muslimah

Size S or small M

BB0109 - Freshman Kemeja

Basic kemeja
have 2 front pockets
M size


BB0108 - The Grey Fix

My all time fav
condition: very used
looks better after iron

Must wear this with inner

Like this one sooo much, its a quick fix blouse
wear with skirt, you can go to a kenduri
wear with pants, you can go to wayang (haha)

S size
Let go RM10

BB0107 - Vintage College 2

Vintage College 2

Pretty Prints!
And it's purple

Size S to M


BB0106 - Figure You

Good shape, huh?

with linen
Kain tebal tak jarang
Sesuai jugak utk yg gemar berpakaian labuh, pakai dgn cardigan
Isn't this your weekend style?

M size

BB0105 - Vintage School 1

Vintage School 1

Pretty Prints!
Size S to M


BB0104 - Planning to a function?

Exclusively for Pastel color lover!

NEVER WEAR this baju kurung!
never had chance actually, got fat before able to wear it
Like NEW

wear this lovely baju kurung like a sweetheart
BRAND First Lady
Size S
Cutting cantik!

Kalau pandai padankan dengan bracelet, tudung , kasut yang kaler2 pastel
KONFEM lawa habis!
Sesuai untuk ke kenduri kan
Bought at rm69
Letgo just only
RM55 inc postage

email: bellablogshop@gmail.com

*pembelian sebelum 21/12/12
ada harga special
hanya rm50 sahaja!
Hurry! First come first serve.

BBG021 - Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Good for Movie Night Out
Excellent condition


BB0103 - Combo set- Fusion Of Maroon

Combo set- Fusion Of Maroon

2 shirts
S to M size 
RM15 inc postage

BB0102 - Dual Belt

2 Belts
 RM12 inc postage

10 Dec 2012

Super Saver - Edisi Tudung Bawal


Setiap set mengandungi 4 helai tudung
Bidang 45'

Sangat jimat!
(biasanya sehelai tudung cost dalam rm10-15 sehelai)

Dari atas ke bawah:
1. Brown Gucci
2. Pink Polkadot
3. White-Blue Polkadot
4. Dark Maroon Bawal
 RM20 termasuk postage!

Dari atas ke bawah:
1. Black Gucci
2. Brown Abstract (cantik!)
3. Blue Polkadot
4. Coral Pink Bawal
 RM20 termasuk postage!  

BB0101 - The Youth Color 2

The Youth COlor 2

Combo set datang lagi!
these 2 shirts 
let go for RM20!

M size

Purple shirt
Tized MInt Green Cardigan

BB0100 - The Youth Color 1

The Youth COlor 1

Combo set datang lagi!
these 2 shirts 
let go for RM20!

M size

Brand Nicole

Indie Brand